Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Bend Exploration

Work and exploring Big Bend are what we have been up to. The Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest in the park and it was good to have a lot of shoppers in the store. Otherwise the Rio Grande Village store is slow and booooooring....
On our days off we have been hiking and checking out this very large National Park. There is desert, river and mountain hiking to do.
The Lost Mine Trail is in the Chisos Mountains; the trail is 5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1.100'.

Sherri says "Homer Simpson Rock"

One morning we joined a Ranger for a bird walk. I didn't get any good bird photos but we did see these Javelinas/Collared Peccaries on the way to the walk

A beautiful spot in the park is the Castolon Historic area and the Santa Elena Canyon. The canyon extends about five miles with the canyon walls up to 1,500' high.
Entrance to Santa Elena Canyon
Looking out of canyon toward Chisos Mountains

End of the trail into Santa Elena Canyon, about 1 mile in.              

Lava deposits along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive
The last two photos are river pictures on our six mile round trip hike to the Hot Springs. My camera's batteries went dead and I did not get any photos of the Hot Springs. I guess we'll have to do the hike again.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Rorik although I have to say those Javelinas aren't so beautiful. You definitely should do the hike again. Need those springs pictures you know. :-)