Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Settled In

I have not posted since we returned to Albuquerque, it must be something about RVing which makes one want to Blog. The first couple of months, January and February were crazy busy, we house hunted, found a new home, bought all new (new to us) appliances and furniture, the grandchild was born January 16, sold the truck, bought two new vehicles, still have the 5th wheel for sale and I have a new job.
Our granddaughter Payton arrived a couple of weeks early on January 16, one day after Amy's 21st birthday. New born hospital photos:

Proud Grandpa!!

Sherri, Jake(baby's dad), Melissa(Grandma)
 Everyone was doing great until mid-February when Payton contracted RSV and she spent a week in intensive care at the University of NM Hospital. it wasn't a good week, but she recovered and is very healthy now. She spends some nights at our house and is a joy to have around. Ryder also likes having her around and here they are enjoying a morning nap.
Our new Albuquerque home is centrally located with shopping on one side and the bosque a stones through away. We take Ryder for a walk twice a day in the bosque and the Rio Grande river is a ten minute walk from our home.
Rio Grande

Las Casitas Del Rio(our neighborhood)
 Most mornings balloons fill the skies while we walk.

Another river shot with geese.
It's a great location and the bosque has made the return to the city more palatable.

After selling the truck we each needed a new vehicle. We found a couple of cars Sherri was interested in at CarMax. We went to test drive and Sherri liked the Ford Focus hatchback which we bought. While working with the Sales Consultant, Brian, we discussed our RV adventures and return to Albuquerque. I told him I was starting to look for employment and he encouraged me to apply at CarMax. I have now been at CarMax for over three months and I am pretty good at selling cars, something I never thought I would do in my lifetime. It keeps me very busy, about 45 hours a week plus I work almost every weekend. I will consider moving to part-time when we pay off some bills and I start to get burned out, but so far I am enjoying CarMax.
We do have some regrets since we gave up the full-time RV lifestyle. We had planned on a lot more traveling and many more adventures, but with the arrival of the grandchild we would not have felt good about being away from Albuquerque for long periods of time.
I will try and post more often here. Sherri and I are both on Facebook if you want to friend us there.