Sunday, October 14, 2012

Francois Matthes Point

Sherri, Ryder and I took our last long hike of the season out to Francois Matthes Point. The hike is on the Walhalla Plateau, going down an old road which is closed and overgrown.

To hike to the point is a level six miles one way through the Ponderosa Pines and changing Aspens.
At the end of the old road we were rewarded with beautiful views into Clear Creek Canyon and points beyond.

It was a great hike and beautiful day. Ryder was glad he got to go, but he was a tired dog.
Our weather has been beautiful fall weather, however we had a big change on Friday. A front blew in cold and snow. It snowed hard Friday afternoon and some accumulated. The photos below are of our RV site and the view from our rig into the forest.

The weather has rebounded nicely and for the next week we are expecting sunny skies with highs in the mid 60's. The park's concessions close on the 15th, so the visitors will drop significantly come Tuesday. This year the North Rim is hosting a special event for NPS, supporters of NPS and concessionaires beginning on the 16th and ending the 22nd.  Sherri and I will work through the event and be leaving the North Rim on the 23rd. We will be in Albuquerque 10/24 - 11/3 and then head to Big Bend NP for the winter. I'll probably blog next from Albuquerque.