Sunday, July 3, 2011

Page-Antelope Canyon

Wednesday morning we went to Page to do some shopping and sight seeing. It is quite a shock to leave the North Rim and 65 deg. and get out at our first stop Marble Canyon and it is 101 deg., at 11:00 am. The Marble Canyon Bridge, over the Colorado River, opened an eastern route to the canyon, prior to 1923 the route from the south had travelers going several hundreds of miles around the west side of the canyon and then back east. Here are pictures up the Colorado River and the old bridge; the new bridge is to the left.

There are several activities to do in Page, especially on Lake Powell; but with limited time we had to do shopping and we wanted to tour Antelope Canyon so Lake Powell will have to wait for another trip. Antelope Canyon is only five minutes east of Page, but it is on Navajo Land. To get to Antelope Canyon requires a fee to the Navajos and paying for a guide, it adds up to $31 a person plus tip. It is a three mile drive down a sandy wash either in a Suburban or an open air four wheel drive. The young guides drive down this wash at break neck speeds with the hope that they don't get stuck in the's a "fun" drive.
The Upper Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon which is about a 1/4 mile long. The colors are amazing and each bend in the walls brings a different light into the canyon. Our guide was very knowlegeable about cameras and the settings needed to take quality photos in the canyon. I took many photos, most were not so good but I will post some good ones:

After Antelope Canyon we were off to Wal Mart for different images. After two hours of shopping we headed back to the North Rim. We did stop for a great dinner at Cliff Dwellers along the beautiful Vermillion Cliffs. It was a great day and it always feels good to get out and explore.
Yesterday, after dinner I played some volleyball with our co-workers. It was a lot of fun and I did not get hurt; always a positive.
Tomorrow is the 4th and there are many activities planned for the employees. Unfotunately for me, I will be working 1 to 10. I hope I can get away for some BBQ dinner.
Sherri and I hope all of you have a safe and Happy Independence Day!!!


  1. Good pictures. If we ever get out that way, I'm likely to spend quite a bit time in Antelope Canyon. Did you see both upper and lower?

  2. Beautiful pictures. We will definitely put the North Rim and surrounding area on our TODOS list. We are enjoying your stay there...Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy 4th of July.... I had to work also ;o))