Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red Wall Bridge

The day time highs have finally moved into the low 80's, with night time lows around 50. We still have to run the heater once in a while first thing in the morning. The tourist season is in full swing and the gift shop is very busy. We are open from 8:00am - 9:00pm and the store is crowded most of the time. When I close two days a week we have people wanting to get into the store after nine since there isn't much to do at the North Rim after dark. This past week amateur astronomers had their telescopes set up along the rim and we had great views of Saturn. I did not get any pictures of the astronomers, it was dark, but I did get a good photo of the sunset on our way to the Star Gazing Party.
Wednesday we took a bike ride, it was frustrating at first as my bike had a flat tire and it looks like I will need to repair the valve stem. We took Sherri's bike and I used one the bikes from the rental shop, we get to use the bikes for free as employees. The ride we took was up a primitive road on the way to Point Sublime, we went about 5 miles up the road and got our bones rattled by the dirt and gravel road. After our bike ride we enjoyed the Cookout, which is a big event every evening for the visitors. Again, as employees we have free tickets. The food was plentiful and tasty, and the cowboy entertainment was a lot of fun.
Thursday was hiking day three miles down the Kaibab Trail to red wall bridge, and three miles up. The picture of the bridge is from about half-way down.
Going down was quick and easy, we made it to the bridge in about 1 1/2 hours. On the way down the trail it was still very sunny and we saw many people struggling to make it up the trail. When we made it to the bridge we took along break so that most of way up would be in the shade. The photos are of the bridge and our rest stop, about a 1/4 mile past the bridge.

After taking our break it was time to hike up, here is the view of the hike back up. The head of canyon we were in is the top of the red rock, the rim is way up at the top of the trees.
We started the hike about mid-day so that we would be hiking up in the shade. This picture illustrates how sunny it is on the east side, and the top two miles of the trail are on  the west side in the shade.
This week we are planning a shopping trip to Page, about a two hour drive. We are also planning to hike Antelope Canyon, which is a slot canyon on the Navajo Reservation just outside Page.
Till next Sunday


  1. Well now, I'm really interested in some pictures of Antelope Canyon. From some that I've seen on Pbase, it can result in some beautiful pictures.

    Just be sure that there is no rain forecast for the watershed area leading to Antelope Canyon. You certainly don't want to be in there during a flash flood. However, I imagine they pretty much watch that for you before taking you to the canyon. But, since that same advice applies to all slot canyons, I thought I would mention it before someone hikes to a remote slot canyon that is not monitored as the Navajo do.

    Good luck with the trip. I'm waiting breathlessly. (Well, not really....I do still need to breathe in order to live long enough to see your pictures.

  2. Rorick, great pictures and interesting excursions. Do you happen to know if you are allowed to walk dogs on the trails in the area?

  3. Rorick, I can't believe I didn't remember that you two were working at the North Rim this summer. We were just there for only 3 days. Not NEARLY long enough.

    Nancy Mills emailed me to look for you at the gift shop so we went over to the Campground General Store thinking that was what she meant.

    We are so not shoppers that when we were at the Lodge, we didn't even look in the gift shop.

    So sorry we missed the chance to see you two.

    I've read your posts back to when you came to the canyon for this stint and it sounds like you are having not only great success but a great time. Congratulations!!


  4. Terry, I wish we had rain in the forecast and could have concerns about water in the slot canyon.

    Al and Karen, The NPS is very strict about dogs in a National Park. There is only one trail that goes along the road where dogs are allowed.

    Sherry, Sorry we missed you...visitors are few and far between.