Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roaring Springs

After a couple of snowfalls in May it has been very dry, and living in the forest makes one uneasy when the dry lightning starts hitting the ground. Fortunately we have had several rains, which started July 4th. The rain did put a damper on Independence Day festivities, but most welcomed the downpour. On Friday an afternoon thunderstorm lowered the temperature to 56 deg. at 4pm, the gift shop had a great day selling jackets and sweatshirts to tourists in shorts and tank tops.
On Wednesday we went on our most ambitious hike yet; five miles down to Roaring Springs and an elevation change of 3,000'. The calculation of 400" up equals one mile means the up part of the hike equaled close to 11 miles. Last week at the Wal Mart page we bought hiking poles. here is Sherri modeling them:
The trail becomes narrow and right on the edge of the canyon. I was trying to walk as close to the wall as possible.

We continued on  and reached the springs to relax and enjoy some snacks. Roaring Springs provides the drinking water for both the North and South Rim. The spring comes out of the side of a cliff and continues down the canyon.

As we started back up the clouds started to build, a very welcome sight. It was one of the warmest days we have had this year and after some rain the two previous days the humidity was up. The temperature at Roaring Springs was about 95 deg. We made it up in about 4 1/2 hours so we made good time and had a great day.
The building clouds and the rim is is in view:


  1. I am so guys are going to be in great shape! Makes my "walk" this morning seem a little insignificant! I have got to get with the program.........

  2. Great Hike!! That will get a person in shape real quick;o)) Love the photo of the Spring flowing down the canyon wall.

    We have the same hiking poles and really like them:o)) You should send the photo of Sherry with the poles to the manufacturer. She could be on their advertisements;o))

  3. We need to be in shape by mid-October for our rim to rim hike, which is 22 miles.
    I'll see if Sherri wants her picture in advertising:)She has a hard enough time with me putting her picture on the blog and Facebook.

  4. Wow, I am impressed. I trained to speedwalk a marathon (which got snowed out) here in Myrtle Beach. My longest walk prior to the event was 22 miles on flat gound. I can't even imagine doing that many miles in the Canyon!!

    Oh to be YOUNG again ;o))))) Stay safe and keep having fun!!

    Hats off to both of you.

  5. Great hike and great pictures. Wish we were still there, we would have gone with you.

    Really envy you the mid october rim to rim. I'd love to be doing it about that time of year. How many days are you going to take? I want to do it in about 5. The leisurely way with 2 nights at Bright Angel.

    Have you read Canyon Crossing? I think I bought it at either the south or north rims. It will get you very psyched for the rim to rim. Good book.

    Can't wait to hear about it. But guess I'll have to control myself since it's 3 months away.