Sunday, July 17, 2011

Point sublime

Thursday we set out to drive the 18 mile primitive road to Point Sublime. The road is okay for stretches but much of it has large rocks and deep ruts. We made it 8 miles in 1 1/4 hours and decided we did not want to beat the truck up anymore. A small stretch of road:
We found a spot to turn around and went back to a beautiful meadow; there was an old road that was closed off which turned out to be a nice hike through the meadow and forest. Ryder was able to join us on this day since we were not hiking on any dog restricted trails. Here is the meadow and Sherri and Ryder on the Hike:

On Friday night we went up to Cape Royal for a cook out and sunset. Some of our co-workers cooking hotdogs and having a good time:
The sunset was of course magnificent, in one of the pictures smoke can be seen. This fire is 10 miles west of the Lodge and started on July 4th by a lightning strike. We have had enough rain to keep the fire in the underbrush, so far it is a beneficial fire burning only dead wood.

The big news this week is I am now the Gift Shop Manager. Zac who was the manager dropped a bombshell on us Monday morning, he does not want the continued stress and responsibility of running the Gift Shop. On Wednesday the GM asked me if I wanted the manager position and I accepted. I now manage the Gift Shop and warehouse which employee a total of 15 people. It is an honor to be chosen manager; when we came up to the North Rim for the season this was a challenge I was not anticipating but one I am looking forward to.


  1. Beautiful photos! Congrats on the promotion too!

  2. Wow you sure have moved up the ranks:o)) Congratulations...they made a good choice!!

    We are loving your treks and photos!

  3. WOW congratulations....I think. ;-)
    Hope it doesn't stress you out too.
    How long do you work these jobs??


  4. Congratulations Rorik! As one who is also store supervisor, and ended up with more responsibility than anticipated :-), good luck and remember to just keep smiling, it won't be forever :-).

  5. Thanks all for the congrats! The job runs through October 20. Most services on the North Rim close October 15.
    I will keep on smiling; it's only for 3 months.