Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kanab Shopping

Sherri and I switched our days off to Thursday and Friday because the manager's meeting is supposed to take place on Wednesdays which we previously had off. Unfortunately, the past two weeks the meeting has been moved to Thursday mornings so this has cut into our hiking and time off.... working on a day off, one of the responsibilities of management.
We did get away on Friday for a shopping trip to Kanab UT and a trip to Best Friends Animal Society. We turned in our passport applications. Can you believe that neither Sherri or I have had a passport? We need to get out more. We will be volunteering on the Arizona/Mexico border this winter and want to make sure we can get back into the country if we stray to far. I got my watch fixed and we had lunch at a decent Mexican restaurant, being from NM we need a chile fix once in a while. The last stop is the grocery store to stock up for 3-4 weeks.
Before we started shopping we went up to Best Friends for the Wild Friends and Parrot Garden tour. The two tours are back-to-back in the same area and are fascinating. I love all the birds and their different personalities. Most of the birds have been injured in some fashion or their owners could no longer keep them. The only pictures I took this week were of birds so I will close with bird pictures. The guy in the tye-dye is the tour guide. I like how his shirt blends in with the birds.
If you can, donate to this organization they do great work for thousands of sick, abandoned or surrendered animals.

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