Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cape Final

This week we were supposed to go on a hike Thursday and the weekly manager's meeting was scheduled for Wednesday. On Wednesday morning I found out the meeting had been moved to Thursday. I was upset at first, I do not like a change in plans, but we quickly got ready and set out for a hike to Cape Final, which is a short two mile hike with eastern and southern views. Here is Sherri ready to go:
The trail goes through the woods and comes out along the rim with some beautiful views. The Cape Final, Cape Royal areas are the only places you can see the Colorado river from the North Rim.
The Cape Final area has many rim views and overhangs; Sherri is standing on one of those overhangs and it makes my knees weak just looking at this picture.
We had a great day...despite the change in plans.
Friday we had a pizza party in the back room for Liya. Liya is from Singapore who came over for half the season and is leaving the North Rim Today. She is very smart and funny, and was a great asset to the Gift Shop. We got along great and I will miss her.
Last night we went with our Friends, Ken and Karma, to dinner at Kaibab Lodge. The lodge is just outside of the National Park, about a 25 minute drive, in the Kaibab National Forrest. We had a nice dinner and it was good to get away for something different. Just inside the National Park boundary a large heard of Buffalo were grazing in a meadow. In the early 1900's settlers tried to cross bread buffalo and cattle. The animals are mostly buffalo but DNA shows they still have traces of cattle and they are also called beefalo. People are encouraged to keep their distance as bulls have been known to charge folks who get to close. So I did stay back and zoomed in on a portion of the heard.
It's been a good as we settle into another new routine. As the Gift Shop manager my hours vary and my responsibilities have grown. I am enjoying the far.

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  1. Wow what a GREAT picture of Sherri out on the edge. The girl has nerve!

    Glad the job is going well. Hope it stays that way. I sure wouldn't want the repsonsbility.