Saturday, August 6, 2011


This weak was Hump Week at the North Rim, we are now past the half-way point. To celebrate Hump Week we had competitions all week between the different departments. The Warehouse-Accounting-Gift Shop (WAGS) which I was the coach of, easily won the most points for the week. We played kickball, volleyball, had a poker tournament, Gong Show competition, Fear Factor eating contest, and many other events. I am now the North Rim Ping Pong champion, not bad since I have not played much in the past 30 years.
Sherri and I did get away for a nice but tough hike yesterday. We drove 30 miles to the trail head in the Kaibab Forest which leads to the Nankoweap trail head. Since the trail is in the forest and not the National Park we were able to take Ryder, the dog. The trail goes through the Saddle Mountain Wilderness and is not maintained like those in the National Park. From where we started the hike is 3 miles and drops 1,200' in elevation, so that means coming back is 1,200' up. Most of the trail is not in switchbacks, it goes straight up and down. Going both ways was tough because of the steepness of the trail. I was a dummy and forgot new batteries for the camera, so we used Sherri's cell phone for pictures. I am posting a few of those pictures and I hope they came out okay.

It was a beautiful hike with fabulous views of the Canyon and Marble Plateau to the east, that would be the second photo from the top. Marble Plateau is where the Grand Canyon begins to form.
Many of the employees are getting restless and some are back to school soon. The remoteness of the North Rim has many wanting to move on. I hope the Gift Shop and the rest of the departments can hang on until closing October 15. If any one knows of someone looking for a couple months of work have them contact me and I will forward their information to HR, it truly is a beautiful location and with fall coming soon it will be spectacular. The best way to contact me is email:

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  1. Ping Pong Champ...They didn't realize what they were getting when they hired you ;o)))

    Wish we could sell the house and come out there for a couple months. It looks so beautiful and I am sure it would be spectacular in the fall!!