Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grand Canyon Update

Today marks the end of week one since the park opened. There are 200 people learning new jobs, so things are crazy at times. Here I am heading off to work; no I have not joined the LDS church:)
Monday both Sherri and I were off and we went out to Point Imperial and Cape Royal, a great drive up to 8800' and fabulous views to the east.
Tuesday and Wednesday saw more snow and cold. Wednesday was a blizzard most of the day and 5" of snow on the ground. I posted snow pictures last week so I won't bore you with more snow pictures, you will just have to believe me that it was nasty. On a lighter note I did have a couple of people ask me were they could get refunds. They were upset that they had paid a park entrance fee and could not see into the Canyon. I was laughing inside but I diplomatically explained that the NPS was in charge of entrance fees.
This morning my start time was 7:00am and this picture I took while on my way.
Beautiful!!! The final picture is of where I work, in the gift shop. It's a very nice store and this is just a part of it. Tomorrow, Sunday, both Sherri and I are off and we are planning on hiking into the Canyon.


  1. Great Photos...can't wait to see photos of the hike into the Canyon!!

  2. Brings back terrific memories! I think it's the most beautiful spot in the country.

  3. What a great way to go to work! You do look like you are ready to knock on a few doors.... The canyon pictures are awesome - love the sunrise. Enjoy your day off....