Friday, May 6, 2011

Albuquerque Stuff

It is hard to blog about traveling while we are in our home town. Sherri and I have spent our week getting ready to go to the Grand Canyon. We are both very excited about being at the North Rim on Sunday. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and spend one night on the road.
I don't have any pictures for this blog, I don't think about takings pictures around Albuquerque. We saw our daughter, Amy and her boyfriend Jake a couple of times. We went out for dinner on Sunday night to Los Cuates, we were looking forward to some New Mexican Chile. Sherri's mom, Laverne also joined us for dinner. Last night Jake and Amy cooked us dinner in the 5er, they made a great chicken piccata.
Today I played golf at the Championship course, my home course. It was nice to get out with Larry and Clay. I probably will not play for a while, not much golf at the North Rim. Well I hope we have an uneventful trip and I will soon be posting pictures from the Grand Canyon.

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