Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arrived at Grand Canyon

We left ABQ on Saturday morning and drove as far as Cameron Trading Post, which is north of Flagstaff. The trading post is very nice, it is on the Little Colorado River.. This picture is the fire place in the dining room.
We arrived at the North Rim on Sunday at 11:30 am. We spent a lot of time finding a good site and we did find a great site where we receive satellite and have Internet, not all in the RV park are so lucky. We took a quick walk to have look at the Canyon. Ryder and Sherri found a nice spot.
Forever Resorts got right into it with a meeting on Sunday night and work started at 8:00am on Monday. It is really a surreal feel up here. There are no tourists, yet, and we are in a National Park. The weather has been crazy. Sunday night the wind howled and Monday it started snowing, by Monday afternoon the sun did come out and it was very nice.
Today started off cold but sunny and beautiful. My gift shop team walked out to Bright Angel Point for our morning meeting. It was truly spectacular. By noon the snow was falling hard and by 5:00 there was four inches of snow on the ground. After work I got up on the 5er roof to knock the snow and ice off the slide out covers...I am cold and wet. We hope the temps warm up and the sun comes out tomorrow.


  1. Glad you have arrived safe and sound. Great photo of Sherri and the Canyon.

    We really loved our visit to Grand Canyon, but can't wait to see what the North Rim is all about!!!

  2. Home sweet home for now! Glad you arrived safely. Too bad we missed you in ABQ, but at least Adam Daniel got to see you off.


  3. So glad you made it there safe. We are looking forward to reading about your experiances while working at the Grand Canyon. We have not been to the North Rim as yet either but will someday soon.