Saturday, May 14, 2011

First week at GC

It has been an extremely busy week work wise. Sherri has already been promoted to head of payroll and received a raise; who would of thunk it?:) She is now the accounting managers right hand person. The gift shop has made an amazing transition. We started on Monday cleaning the place from top to bottom. The retail operations team from Forever Resorts came up on Tuesday afternoon and the store started taking shape. We have had many hours of product training and operations training. I did have the honor of being selected to attend a Disney Customer Service seminar on Wednesday afternoon. We all are very excited about opening tomorrow morning, we are also somewhat nervous as hundreds lineup outside the gate to be the first into the park for the season.
It has been great having the park to ourselves for the week. Tuesday morning was beautiful but by early afternoon the snow started falling, by our Wednesday morning walk there were four inches on the ground. Here are Sherri and Ryder in our campground.
By Thursday the storm had passed and the weather quickly improved. After work we walked out to Bright Angel point and had the place to ourselves. The views are amazing!!
We walked back toward the lodge and took a nice sunset photo.
On Friday night the employees were the guests of the kitchen and we had a wonderful dinner in the lodge. The restaurant was able to have a "shakedown" and we had a free expensive dinner. Here is a picture of the restaurant's windows from below.
Tomorrow is go and we are ready to get going!


  1. Sounds like things are off to a great start!

    Hope opening day is a big success and we look forward to more beautiful pictures!

  2. The Grand Canyon is so beautiful. I never tire of looking at photos.. Good for Sherri!

  3. They may want to keep you two forever! That's awesome that you are enjoying the park without the tourists. Bet your are beat tonight......

  4. Hello, Sure looks beautiful at the Grand Canyon. Glad to see you all made it. Sure wish we could be out there with you.