Monday, May 2, 2011


We made it to Albuquerque on Saturday evening after a couple of tough travel days. Friday was going smooth until we blew a tire about 100 miles east of Oklahoma City.
After a two hour wait for roadside service we got back on the road and headed to the next town to buy a tire. It did not take long to get a tire mounted, grab some dinner and get back on the road. Apparently the skirting we removed because of damage from the tire allowed some sheet metal to rub up against the front tire and 30 miles east of OK city we blew another tire. It was 6:15 and we did not get back on the road until 9:30. Tired and PO'd we had no idea what to do next. After pulling into a rundown RV park and not finding a suitable site, we headed to a WalMart on the west side of OK City near a tire dealership. It is good to have an IPad and Internet in the truck so that we can find store, restaurants etc. in strange towns.
So Friday night we had a first, boondocking in a WalMart parking lot; except for the howling north winds we did not have too bad a night. Saturday morning we headed over to the dealership, got some new tires and were on the road by 9:15. We drove 558 miles on Saturday, without incident, and we were very happy to be back in Albuquerque.
Well, the east canyon winds started howling about 3:00 AM and Sunday it was snowing. After all the rain we had in Arkansas we were ready for some warm dry weather.
Snow accumulated on the mountains and by the afternoon the sun started peeking out. This week is supposed to warm into the low 80's so it will be great. We have a bunch of stuff to get done this week before we head off to our Grand Canyon jobs on Saturday, number one is making sure the 5er is okay for some more miles. I hope to get in a least one round of golf this week, and check in with family and friends.


  1. Wow, you sure have had some tire problems!!

    Glad they are all fixed and you two are safe and sound.

    Enjoy your week before "work" starts...can't wait to see what your Canyon experience is all about!!

  2. Oh, man....our greatest fear x 2! Blowouts! I am glad you held it between the lines and were able to get replacements. I know you are looking forward to an uneventful week after your recent excitement. Can't wait to hear about your job.....

  3. Wow, what an experience! I hope this doesn't make you decide to forever avoid our home state of Oklahoma.

    Just as a thought, verify the weight ratings of your tires and verify your trailer weight. Usually, they rate the tires on the sidewall somewhere as "so much weight" at "so much tire pressure."

    Hope this doesn't prove to be something that keeps occurring.