Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st hike into GC

Sherri and I hope all are having a nice Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend is very busy at the North Rim. We are still trying to get our hours and days off lined up together. We will both be off Wednesday & Thursday this week and we need to make our first shopping trip. Kanab Utah is our destination, about a 2 hour drive to the grocery store.
Last Sunday we were both off and took our first hike into the canyon, here is Sherri just below the rim.
Our destination was two miles down to Supai tunnel, on the Kaibab trail.
The hike down was nice and easy, but the thing about the Grand Canyon is you need to go back up. It takes twice as long to go up as it does down. Here is a photo of the trail further into the canyon and four miles down will be our destination next time.


  1. AMAZING!! All three pictures were just beautiful. Sherri the picture of you with that background is really special. Can't wait to see what things look like even further into the Canyon.

    Keep having fun...we are enjoying it;o)

  2. When I was in college (and in much better shape!) I hiked the GC down and out in one day. We left at sunrise, and came out by the full moon. What an experience. Not sure I could do that now though!

  3. There are a lot of people who accomplish the rim-to-rim hike in a day. Sherri and I hope to do the hike by the end of our stay here. We will need to work on our conditioning through the summer and hike rim-to-rim in October. It is getting to hot on the canyon's floor to hike across now, for us anyway.

  4. What a back Yard! I only hope we can get into shape enough to hike some of it. I don't think my round shape will work! We will be out west next year so I better start now.

    Hopefully you can get all of your days off together. Stay safe and keep the pictures coming.