Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rally Stuff

Today was check in for the rally and this evening we had a buffet dinner and did some ice breaker activities. There are about 160 people here for the rally, about half are already full-timing and the rest are in various stages of planning to go full-timing. It's a good group of people and we are having a great time. The weather held out yesterday and we had two foursomes at the Gatlinburg Golf Course. Very dramatic course up and down the hills and through the ravines. I played well which always makes for a good time. While I was playing golf Sherri helped our host Linda get prepped for the rally.
Last night I played in a Texas hold-em poker tournament. Twenty of us played and I cashed by placing third. To see a story about golf and poker go the rally hosts website. http://www.rv-dreams.typepad.com/ 

Pictures are a lazy dog in front of a lazy river from our rally site, and an owner and his dog from Memphis.

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