Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the Road

After months of getting ready we have hit the road. What a change our lives have seen; from a large house in a nice neighborhood to a 5th wheel going down I 40. The hardest part of this for me is learning patience, which I don't have much of when it comes to mechanical & technical issues.
We were all set to leave early Wednesday 4/6 when our pre-trip discovered the right rear brake & turn signal was not working. After changing the bulb and still not working we drove over to Rocky Mountain RV,  the a-holes told us they could look at it in two weeks. So we called our man Jason Quinn of RV Specialties and he drove up from Los Lunas to fix a bad wire. Great guy and if you need RV mechanical help call him: 505-480-9882.
We made good time yesterday and stayed at West 40 RV Park in Shamrock TX. The place is a cow pasture, but was good for one night. Tonight we are in Morillton Ark, about 40 miles from Little Rock; not too bad of a park, lots of trees but right on I 40. We should be able to make it to Sevierville TN by Saturday and then we will be in one place for 10 days. After 4 days on the road it will be nice to settle in for a spell.

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