Saturday, April 23, 2011

Piney Grove

We left Nashville on Thursday and headed down the Natchez Trace to the northeast part of Mississippi. We are staying at a beautiful state park, Piney Grove. Sherri and I are not used to so much water and trees. The pictures are from our door toward the water and a picture of the rig from water's edge.
Yesterday was a busy day. We took a short drive to Tishomingo State Park and went on a great day hike. The hike started over a precarious swinging bridge and off into the woods.
The hike went up into limestone outcroppings and down along the river. We saw no other hikers and the weather was perfect. Today is hot and muggy and we are feeling lazy this afternoon after a busy day yesterday. Oh, after hiking we drove over to Boonville and did some shopping at WalMart and then we had a fun dinner at Catfish Country. The food was good and the locals were extremely friendly. The staff had not met anyone from New Mexico-we placed a push pin on the big map- and they all wanted to chat. Tomorrow we head to Heber Springs Arkansas.


  1. Wow- Beautiful! Happy Easter, you two! We're thinking about you... Hope the Easter Squirrel is good to you!

  2. Your brother wants to know if at Catfish Country the have Dogfish... or if it's just Catfish...