Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family BBQ & Brunch

We had a great time with the Weavers and Slingerlands today. We met for brunch in Corrales at the Indigo Crow. The howling wind and blowing dust did not deter us from eating and chatting for a couple of hours. The food and company were great.Sherri and I always wish there was more time to visit with such good friends.
Yesterday we had family night at Laverne's. All family were present including friend Adam. I got to check out my new Flip Video Camera and drive everybody crazy. Laverne's friend Jerry cooked up plate fulls of good burgers and we had a nice time. We opened a couple of gifts and the video above was shot by Amy. I hope it's not too boring. As we get close to heading out, the reality of not seeing family is starting to set in. I'm sure we will have some home sickness, but today's technology mitigates the anxiety.

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