Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had a nice trip from Sevierville to Nashville on Monday; Tuesday morning we toured the Gaylord Hotel which is by the Grand Ole Opry. It is an amazing complex with beautiful gardens, a convention center and many restaurants. All of it is indoors. This is the Waterfront Restaurant.
Tuesday night we went to a show at the Grand Ole Opry. Neither Sherri or I are big country music fans, but we had a great time and the music was wonderful. The biggest names were Rodney Atkins, Jason Michael Carroll, Bill Anderson and Craig Morgan plus a few others.
Here I am with "Minnie Pearl" Howdeeeeeeeee.
Last night, early this morning we had a tornado watch. Fortunately no tornado, but we did have a severe thunderstorm come through with 60 mph winds. A couple of trees in the park were toppled, one landed on a motorhome and another on a camping cabin. No major damage and no one was hurt but it was pretty crazy for an hour or so. The 5er hasn't been rocking like that since....
Today is cool and cloudy. We took a self guided walking tour of downtown Nashville. There are a lot of saloons and many very cool buildings. Lunch was great. We ate at an old historic 1 + 3 (one main and three sides) hole in the wall.
Here is Sherri in the world famous Wild Horse Saloon. I don't know why she would want to hang out with these guys, she already spends all her time with an ass:-)


  1. I have lived in Tennessee for ten years and have never been to the Gaylord nor to the Grand Ole Opry! Glad you are enjoying Nashville....

  2. Just finished reading through your whole blog. It will be nice following your adventures! Nice meeting you guys at the rally.