Sunday, July 1, 2012

Uncle Jim and Walhalla Plateau

As the post title indicates we/I have been on a couple of hikes in the past two weeks. A week ago Wednesday Sherri and I hiked the Uncle Jim Trail. Just as we started out, near the parking lot we encountered this creature crossing the trail.

Think it's a Bull Snake, not positive. Uncle Jim is a nice trail along the rim. The warm winds from the canyon blow up to the rim and the warm air allows for such plants as Cliff Rose to grow. Here is Sherri stopping to smell the roses.
We stopped to have lunch on the rim and enjoy the views.
This past Wednesday Anthony and I set out to hike the Komo Trail on the Walhalla Plateau. Well, we parked in the wrong spot and never did find the trail out. So we wound up bushwhacking for 6 miles through the forest. Most of the hike wasn't bad but we did encounter some areas of heavy brush. This ravine we sense in going up and down when you can go around.
 After being lost for three hours we managed to navigate well enough to find the rim and some amazing views over a canyon. I think it is the Clear Creek Canyon.

Anthony is enjoying the views.
We figured out where we were and found the missing trail. Following the trail back was much easier but when we got to the road we had no idea which way the car was. We walked about 1/2 mile the wrong way and came across a nice tourist parked along side of the road. He gladly gave us a ride to the car. We were glad he did since we had already hiked 13 miles.
The fire danger is now at the highest level. Thunderstorms are predicted for this week. Let's hope we get more rain than lightning or parts of the forest could end up like sections we hiked through. This fire was six years ago and created some eerie landscape.

 Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July!!! A parade is scheduled near the Lodge, we are hoping to get rain on our parade.


  1. That was quite a LARGE snake, whatever type it was!! Can't believe you head out in the landscape without a handheld GPS!?!? Glad you ran into a kind tourist:o))

  2. WOW 13 miles, and bushwhacking, that was some hike. Great views though. I sure hope you get rain and not anything that would start fires. Maybe the weather gods will rain on your parade - hope so. :-)