Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Visit

In the last post I had completed a rim-to-rim hike with no pictures, since I forgot my camera. Anthony, my hiking partner took a few pictures with his phone so I'll post one in front of Phantom Ranch.
The North Rim has been open a month and everyone is settling into their positions. We are very busy since school is out and more families are taking day trips to the park. We have also hit the point where some employees believe the grass will be greener in another department. Overall I have a great group in the Gift Shop and I don't have to worry about a few malcontents. Managing employees who live and work together makes for interesting issues.
John and Carol paid us a visit this past Wednesday. John and Carol were fellow volunteers this past winter at Organ Pipe. Recently they have been volunteers at Bryce Canyon, right up the road from the North Rim. Wednesday is a day off so we were able to play tourist with them and had a great visit. Above, we are enjoying the view from Point Imperial.
From Point Imperial we headed up to Cape Royal for a picnic lunch on the rim.
Sometimes it takes visitors to get us out and about. After spending last summer on the North Rim we sometimes feel like we have been there-done that. Hope all the dads have a good Fathers Day and I will leave this post with a photo of the Colorado River from Cape Royal.


  1. I get what you mean, Rorik, about "been there done that". We are totally enjoying our jobs this summer and it will be very difficult to NOT come back next year, but we want to go different places and see different areas and there's only so much time to do it in!

  2. Those of us who can't travel to these beautiful places right now look forward to seeing these spots...over and over and over. So if it helps get you out and about, think of it as a community service;o)) Get out there and bring us all the beauty!!!

  3. Really envy you the rim to rim. Not sure we'll ever be able to do that now but it was definitely on David's bucket list. Do you think you'll go somewhere new next year so you can start all over with the places you have not been yet???