Sunday, July 8, 2012

Point Sublime

Tuesday 7/3 we were fortunate to have Jon and Diana take Sherri and I out to Point Sublime in their Jeep. Last year we tried to get out there in our truck but the road is too tight and rough for a full length pickup. We left mid-afternoon for the 17 mile drive, which turned out to be a great time of day to arrive at the point. It takes about two hours to go through the meadows and forests.
The monsoons are starting to get going, although we haven't had any decent rain yet, the clouds are forming every afternoon. The clouds and forest made for a very pleasant bumpy ride. When we arrived at the point, the clouds were thick and photos looked washed out.
Jon and Diana taking in the views.
Sherri and I under a wind swept gnarly old pine.
The sun started peeking out through the clouds and I shot some nice photos.

Thanks to Jon and Diana for taking us out to Point Sublime, it's been on our Grand Canyon bucket list for a year. The Fourth was a blast. The parade led by the mules passes in front of the Lodge and water fights are the order of the day. Unfortunately I forgot the camera, I will try to find photos to post from other sources.

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