Monday, September 26, 2011

Arizona Trail

In preparation for our rim-to-rim we did an "easy" fourteen mile hike on Friday. We hiked a section of the Arizona Trail from the park boundry to the East Rim view points. The section of the trail we hiked is outside of the National Park so we took the dog. Ryder is standing guard.
The trail is mostly flat and goes through beautiful meadows and forests.

Some of the Aspen groves are starting to turn yellow and their quaking leaves are gorgeous.
The East Rim looks out over the Marble Plateau and the Navajo Reservation. The beginning of the Grand Canyon can also be seen.

It was perfect day, mid 60's and not a cloud in the sky. The hike was the same distance we will hike on our first day of rim-to-rim, which we are doing Oct.11-12. On our way back we came across some wild Turkeys hanging out at a watering hole.
Saturday we went to a wedding between Bekah, who works in the HR dept. and Greg, who is an intern with NPS. They met up here and wanted to get married before the end of the season. So, they chose a little wedding area right on the rim at Cape Royal. The pastor better not take a step backward.
The reception was in the picnic area and we enjoyed food and cake before we headed off to work.

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  1. Gorgeous Photos!!

    What a wonderful spot for a wedding!!