Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Uncle Jim Trail

A little late with my post this week. Hard to believe that the season ends in five weeks here at the North Rim. A lot of employees are restless and leaving early, which makes it hard for a manager to run their department. I hope we have a few employees in the gift shop on October 15. It is maddening that people can't stick to a commitment.
Sherri and I hiked the Uncle Jim Trail on Friday. A very nice 5 mile hike close to our campground. Uncle Jim was a Park Ranger back in the 20's, he was involved with the cross breeding of cattle and bison and was one of the first to give mule rides.
Friday was cool and overcast; it was a very good day for a hike. The Uncle Jim Trail Point looks out over the North Kaibab Trail. The trail can be seen along the cliff on the right.
The Uncle Jim Trail is across a canyon from the Lodge. This photo shows Bright Angel Point which juts out from the Lodge area.
We got done with our hike just before this cloud turned into a thunder storm. Some fellow hikers gave us a ride back to our RV; if they hadn't we would have been wet.

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  1. Sorry the help is not as committed as you two are. They got good folks when they hired you!!

    We might want to hire you as our trail guide if we ever get back to that area. Every hike you take is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!