Saturday, October 1, 2011

Widforss Again

We got our back country permit, Yea!! On October 10th we will hike down 14 miles to Bright Angel Campground, near Phantom Ranch, and spend the night. The next day we will hike out to the South Rim, which is 8 miles up, and spend the night in a room on the South Rim. On Wednesday we will take the Trans Canyon Shuttle back to the North Rim. We are excited and apprehensive about hiking rim-to-rim. If you get tired or hurt they don't send someone to pick you up.
On Friday we went on a fast 10 mile warmup on a beautiful trail we hiked earlier in the year, the Widforss Trail. We did the ten miles in less than four hours, which is good for us. The day was perfect, overcast and cool. The overcast doesn't make for the best pictures, plus there was a fire on the South Rim adding smoke to the overcast. I'll post a few pictures anyway:

The summer rains lead to tall grasses. Taller than Sherri.
The Aspens are too beautiful to not post at least one picture. So here is the Aspen picture of the week:
Since I am working tonight we went to the Lodge last night to celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary. It's the first time since the free employee night at the beginning of the season that we have dined at the Lodge. We had a very nice dinner and Sherri got a gift from the Gift Shop, a gorgeous ring. 
Looking forward to seeing those of you in ABQ soon!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! What a nice way to spend your day.

    The Aspen are spectacular!!

    The rim to rim adventure sounds exciting and challenging. We know the two of you are up to the task. Just stay safe and take lots of photos to share ;o))