Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ken Patrick Trail

We are starting to get into a routine. With us both having Wednesday and Thursday off we are becoming comfortable with our schedules. It is still hard to figure out what day it is, we both were M-F for 30 years.
This past Wednesday we did chores and took it easy. Thursday we had one of my co-workers, Anthony, drive us up to Imperial Point..Loni, another co-worker went along for the ride.
Point Imperial is the highest point on the North Rim at 8800'. Our hike was 12 miles from Point Imperial back to our 5th wheel. The first three miles skirts the rim with great views of Mt. Hayden.
We hadn't noticed it with the naked eye but the photo does show some smoke from the wild fires south of here creeping north. Fortunately, for us the majority of the smoke has not come this way. After three miles the trail headed off into the forest and stayed there most of the remaining nine miles. Close to the half-way point we descended into a beautiful meadow and in the middle of nowhere there was a sign.
 It was a different hike, since we only came to the rim once in the last nine miles. The nice thing was we only saw only three other people for six hours. In a burn area we did come across an interesting "African Sculpture".
Today, Sunday is our hump-day and we are planning for this weekend W-TH. We will probably head up to Cape Royal Wednesday evening and watch the full moon rise as the sun sets on the Grand Canyon.
Oh, at work I was promoted to Assistant Manager, the position had been vacant up to this point. I get a bump in my hourly wage plus our housing is now comped and we can eat in the dining room at no cost...not bad.


  1. Congratulations on the bump up. Helps to have housing comped as well!

  2. Hey you guys! Congrats on the promotion, Rorik- that's great for you! Your pictures are awesome. We love to keep up with what you guys are doing. What an adventure!! Unfortunately- that smoke is making it's way to NM.... blechhh- Take care- and much love to you both.

    Pam and Adam

  3. Nice to hear you got a promotion and comped housing!! Every little bit helps;o)) That should help you build a good workcamping resume and allow you to get the 'better' workcamping positions!!

    Loved the photos again and would love to be there. If you ever get a chance, could you give us a tour of the campground on the North Rim?

    Keep having fun :o)))

  4. Thanks to all for the congrats. Nancy, Are you interested in the public campground or where the employees stay?

  5. Glad to hear things are going well for you guys....congrats and enjoy!