Sunday, August 5, 2012

Horseshoe Bend

Two weeks ago Sherri and I went on a shopping trip to Page. We had read and heard about  Horseshoe Bend Overlook just south of Page but had never had time to stop. It's a spot where land is several hundred feet above the Colorado River. We were amazed at the number of people who had parked and hiked the 1/3 of a mile to the overlook, most were not speaking English. The views and the rock formations are very cool. Wind and water can do some amazing things over millions of years. The photos below are river float trips, Sherri looking good and the Horseshoe Bend.

One of the reasons we went to Page was to buy groceries for the Gift Shop Employee Appreciation Picnic. Anthony and I (with Sherri's help) prepared and cooked lunch for our co-workers. The setting is pretty spectacular, right on the rim. We also gave out some prizes and all enjoyed a picnic rather than the another lunch in the Employee Dining Room. Some shots of the Gift Shop Employees having a good time.

Last week Anthony, Sherri, Ryder and I hiked from Saddle Mountain, in the designated wilderness, down to the Nankoweap trail head which is an additional 11 miles to the river. The hike we did is a steep seven mile round trip. We can take Ryder since we are not in the NPS. When we arrived at the trail head the clouds from the previous night's monsoon storms were laying low.
Although the temperature at 8800' never got above 70deg. the humidity was much higher than we are used to and we all worked up a sweat.One of the great things about this hike is we did not see another person all day. Storms did start to brew just east and north of us, fortunately we did not have a storm over head.
Ryder had a good time and he wanted to see what Anthony brought for lunch.
Above we are looking across the canyon. It was a great hike and we felt it coming straight uphill at elevation.
We have now passed the halfway point of the season and most have fallen into a good routine, we are looking forward to a good second half.


  1. Can't imagine hiking in that elevation. We just hiked to 3000 ft and back...that was a stretch for us flatlanders;o)) Just spectacular photos!!!

  2. Simply beautiful. What great experiences you are having. I'd like to crawl into those cool looking gorgeous settings. Hot 90+ and SO humid here. Wishing I were there that's for sure.