Friday, May 25, 2012

East Rim

We are 10 days into the season and it feels like we never left for the winter. The only difference is the new faces of the employees. The weather has been unseasonably warm, by this time last year we had been snowed on a couple of times in May. The fire season might be bad if we don't receive some moisture soon.
The exciting news is the Assistant Gift Shop Manager, Anthony and I are going to hike rim-to-rim on Tuesday. Twenty three miles down and up in one day, spend the night on the South Rim and shuttle back on Wednesday. To get some work in Anthony, Sherri, Ryder and I went out to the East Rim for a seven mile hike, which is steep down and a climb up.
Here is a nice shot of hardy pine trees growing out of the rock plateau.
Anthony isn't much of a pet person but he and Ryder had a good time hiking together. Maybe he will become a dog guy.
The hike was a good warmup with some good shade on a warm day. My next post will have lot's of pictures from our 12-13 hour rim-to-rim hike.
Ryder and Zeke relaxing after Ryder's hike. The cat doesn't need a reason to relax.


  1. Well it is nice to see you don't waste your time off;o)) Rim to Rim... that is quite a one day hike!!

    Enjoy and be safe......

  2. Wow that's more than 2 miles an hour. You guys will be moving. I'd love to do the hike but I think one day down and one day back up would be more my style. Actually sorry to hear it's so warm there. Hope it doesn't continue and increase the fire danger. Everywhere seems hot and dry this year. The rains must be somewhere but since I don't follow the weather, only blogs :-), I don't know where it is.