Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arrived at ORPI

We have arrived and are set up at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (ORPI). We stayed in Albuquerque for 16 days and did many necessary and fun things. The 5er needed some maintenance which is always fun when it is your home and you have to take it in for repairs, but we now have new tires and a straight frame.
Amy visited for a few days over our first weekend in town and on our second weekend we had a Thanksgiving Dinner with Sherri's family. We also celebrated Erin's 11th birthday.


After not playing golf for 5 1/2 months I was able to enjoy three rounds at three of my favorite Albuquerque courses. After not playing for so long I was pretty rusty, but it was great to get out with my friends.
From Albuquerque we stopped for a night in Las Cruces to visit Amy and Jake. We had a nice dinner with Amy, unfortunately Jake had school that night. Mom (Sherri) feels much better now that she knows where Amy lives and goes to school. It was on to Phoenix for three days to see my sister. It had been several years since we had seen each other and it was great to see her new home and catch up on life. We went out to eat, took in a Sunday service at her church and had Susan over for dinner in the RV. I'm not sure she sees why we have chosen to be full-time RVers.
We arrived at Organ Pipe on Monday 11/14 and are settling in, starting our new "jobs" and adjusting to our new surroundings. The pictures below are: The city of Sonoyta five miles south, in Mexico, from the ridge above our RV park. Our site in the VIP RV park which includes a community building and 12 sites that are very spacious. The bottom picture is our first sunset.

On Tuesday, our first day, we took a NPS pickup out on the 21 mile Ajo Mountain Drive with another newbie couple. I will finish this blog with a couple photos from the drive. I'm sure that we will post many more photos from this spectacular loop.


  1. Hey Rorick, How long are you guys at Organ Pipe? Is it a volunteer job, or paid? I was thinking of looking for a volunteer for a month or so in N.M. next month after finish our gig in Colorado. If you have time, drop me a note Enjoy!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about Oregan Pipe and what you will be doing there.

  3. We are volunteering at Organ Pipe. The park is in south-central AZ on the Mexican border. It is a wonderful place to be in the winter. There might be positions listed on

  4. Glad to see you have arrived safe and sound. Can't wait to see what adventures you get into. We were there for a VERY short visit. Barely, stopped long enough to walk the short nature trail;o(( Hope to see much more through your eyes!!